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OtherZine Shoots the Shit with La Colectiva – Read the Interview

We are thrilled to be featured in issue 28 of Otherzine.

OtherZine is the semi-annual ‘zine of Other Cinema, the long-standing bastion of experimental film, video, and performance in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Jenna Grant, a cultural anthropologist based in Amsterdam, plugged in with the Colectiva for a Skype interview this winter. Thank you Jenna and thank you to OtherZine co-editor Molly Hankwitz for inviting us to participate in this issue.

Click to read the interview.

(We will soon be posting transcript outtakes).

OtherZine interviews La Caca Colectiva

OtherZine Mission Statement:

Whether avant-garde or engagé, our emphasis is on the radical subjectivities and sub-cultural sensibilities that find expression in marginalized cinematic genres, media-archaeology efforts, the intersection between art, technology and social practice, as well as contemporary intermedia hybrids.

OtherZine welcomes cinema-related writings and artist projects that support these endeavors and other experiments in media-culture essays, articles, interviews, reviews (art, books, media, events), rants, videos, illustrations, images, and other articulated brainstorms!


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