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Recent Projects – Multimedia Excerpts

The Crow Furnace (Dolissa Medina, 2015)

A 30-minute narrative poem essay about San Francisco, urban displacement, and the spectacle of loss. Two protagonists from different times, a Fireman and a Singer, become stranded in a purgatory state after death. They embark on a quest to find their last known location in the now-unfamiliar city. In the process, they journey through time and place, encountering an itinerary of sights and objects pertaining to the city’s history of catastrophic fires – from the real, to the cinematic, to the supernatural.

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Polvo (Angela Reginato, 2014)

Polvo is a 28-minute collage essay film that chronicles the real-life disappearance of the son of a French woman and her American husband from Mexico City during the politically-charged late 1970s. Polvo examines how memory is shaped by everything that surrounds us and how seemingly unrelated images, real or imagined, fuse to become one story in our minds.

“Remember Los Siete” A work-in-progress by Vero Majano

 “Remember Los Siete” excerpt from Shaping San Francisco event, Dec. 2013.

A performance documentary about San Francisco’s Mission District in the 1970s. “Remember Los Siete” is a live film that integrates archival films and audio with performance to tell a little-known story about seven young Latino men accused of murdering a police officer in 1969, and their trial that rallied Latino activist communities. Majano explores the young men’s lives and questions the hero-worship of political movements. “Remember Los Siete” asks: “Does ‘All Power to the People’ include forgiveness?”